According to a popular quote :

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy",

VESIT has always believed that sports is an integral part of student life which helps develop the mind and body. To encourage students to actively participate in sports activities every year, VESIT organizes its Sports event for its students in the form of "SPHURTI".

SPHURTI has given many students the opportunity to recognize and develop their talent in sports. Sports help in bringing about an all round development of personality of an individual. Students look forward to SPHURTI to compete and emerge as the winner amongst all the classes and cheer for their classmates. Football and Cricket are the much awaited sports of Outdoor SPHURTI. Students also get a chance to participate in Inter-collegiate Tournaments and Mumbai University Tournaments.
The Sports achievement of our students include :

  • Winning the Girls Throwball championship at VIT in the year 2009.

  • Shweta Joshi won girls Table Tennis at Mumbai University in the year 2006.

We are grateful to our Sports incharge Mr. Abhay Kshirsagar and our principal Dr. J. M. Nair for their encouragement and guidance for SPHURTI.